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Lease Returns

Lease Returns with Zak Auto Leasing

Are you stuck in a lease that you are ready to be done with? Or maybe you’re nowhere near the end of your lease but you’re more than ready to upgrade to a luxury car, swap your car for something with premium features, sophisticated, fast or elegant? Our lease return service is a convenience we know you’ll love!

It doesn’t matter whether your lease is nearing its maturity date or you want to get out early, we’ll be happy to help you out. Even if you didn’t lease your car through us initially, we’re still here for you. We realize you probably have a lot of questions, so get started by reading our lease-return FAQ below.

Q: My lease isn’t up yet, but I’m ready for a new car. Can I get out of my lease early?

A: Absolutely! We’ll work with you to evaluate your current lease situation and present you with options. We’ll help you determine when the time is right to upgrade and show you which models may better suit you, including the latest version of the Lexus you’re currently driving.

Q: What will this cost you?

A: In some cases, absolutely NOTHING! When allowable, we will work with you and the bank to find someone to assume your lease.

Q: I went over my mileage or damaged my leased vehicle. What are my options?

A: If you went over your mileage and you want to turn in your vehicle, you will be charged a small fee per mile over your limit. If you trade your vehicle, you won’t be charged. During your pre-lease inspection appointment we’ll discuss any excess wear or use issues that may incur a charge at turn-in.

Q: I’m getting close to my lease expiration date. What are my lease-end options?

A: You’ll have several choices, and it will be easy to determine which option is best after your pre-return inspection. These options could be upgrading to a new car or buying out the lease, outright.

Q: Is this the same as a lease assumption?

A: Yes! This is also referred to as a lease assumption, lease swap, and several other terms.

In order to ease this process and move forward with your lease return, please provide all the information requested and be as accurate as possible. Your information is stored on a secure server that is protected with the latest technologies and firewalls.

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